At Dr. Gerstner’s practice, we offer a variety of skincare products to help patients protect and enhance their skin after they leave our office. Dr. Gerstner’s experience and education in the field of dermatology allows her to recommend a specific combination of products to meet each patient’s skincare goals. She is often featured in national magazines and publications for her opinion and advice on skincare products.

Below you can find some of the skincare lines and products we offer. During your consultation, Dr. Gerstner will design a custom regimen based on your skin’s needs. Request your consultation online, or call our office at 212-249-2208 to speak with one of our experienced staff members.


Through many years of experience with skincare treatments, Gerstner has developed a specially-formulated product line to address some of the most frequent concerns from our patients.

Brightening Pads: Brightening pads are a combination of hydroquinone, kojic acid, ascorbic acid and green tea polyphenols which are customized with different strengths for each individual patient.

Glycolic 20% Treatment Pads: These highly-effective pads can be used alone for texture and tone or as part of acne regimen and are beneficial for many different skin types. The treatment pad enzymatically removes dead skin, excess dirt and oil to reveal softer, toned skin.

Line Filler: A hyaluronic serum rich in antioxidants and co-Q10 formulated to smooth upper lip lines and crow’s feet.

Loreal Products

For patients seeking naturally beautiful skin, Dr. Gerstner recommends a full line of L’Oreal® Paris skincare products. From moisturizers and cleansers to wrinkle repair and sun care treatments, the L’Oreal Paris line of products are backed by over 30 years of scientific research.

Formulated to meet the needs of dull, dry, aging or combination skin, the L’Oreal product line allows patients to take home part of their in-office skincare experience.

skinmedicaDr. Gerstner offers the SkinMedica® product line for patients looking to repair damaged skin, promote improved skin cell function and further protect the skin. This physician dispensed product line contains patented formulations of physiologically-balanced growth factors. Select products including the TNS Essential Serum® and TNS Eye Repair® include growth factors and peptides to improve skin repair after a laser treatment.